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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Voice

The Voice

I halted at my journey’s end
A sudden pull , a sudden jerk
I looked back with a heavy heart
To my past that was coming dark;

The happy days I spent,
The love that I shared
The things that made me laugh
The tears for those I cared
Pictures floated before my eyes
Of the world I knew so well
My heart is breaking to pieces
It is time to say farewell.
My love for the days I knew
Called me silently
A voice beckoned over their shadows
I am your destiny
I closed my eyes to shut the sight
Writings on the western sky
Crimson still my eternal bed
Burning in my mind’s eye
The day you’re born oh lonely maiden
I was chosen your partner to be
Birth is where you spend your day
But the night is left to me
I am your journey’s end
A bond you can’t break free.

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