baggout Blogging Contest

Friday, April 3, 2009

For your soulful eyes

Like a frail white cloud I float and fly;
The bottomless well in your eyes beckon me.
Pour them unto me oh maiden
I want depth, I want to die;
Take me into your soulful eyes
And let us journey into the eternity.
The bleeding crimson sky
Calling ,
Its poignant tune touches deep down;
Pour life unto your music
And fill me to the brim.
Take my hand
The heaven is here and here only
And not beyond .

Cling to me like a creeper full of hope
I want depth, I want to die,
Paint me blue oh maiden
As your doleful eyes.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Rain, rain, rain you love,
And I drown myself in drops of water ,
Salty water that takes away my dreams,
Dazed, I dive deep into the past
And lovingly touch the pearls sitting pretty
Inside my heart.

Rain, rain, rain you say
And I flow like a spring from behind the clouds,
Bringing in the sound of falls
That you so like to hear.
Rain, rain, rain you say
And I become water to bring music to your ears.

When the clouds are dark
Looming large over the sky,
Torrent of rain floods the earth
Rain, rain, rain you cry;
And I become the rains to hold you in my arms.