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Monday, November 12, 2007

Amigo Amigo

Amigo- Amigo

My friend, my dear mate!

You help me take a step or two,

With you I share a few words,

Right out of my soul

At times when the world appears to be a mist,

When there is no one around

I think of you, and oh my friend,

You come to me right away!

Putting your serene touch on my heavy heart.

A divine melody, you are out of this world.

I cannot get at you in a crowd

Nor even when I am all alone.

But , you always know the day

I am down with deep sorrow.

Deeper despair still;

And you touch me with your song

Soft and tenderly;

They take away the dark shadows clouding my heart,

And flood me with light and happiness.

My amigo!On the dark wintry nights,

You bring with you my sunny days,

And then you go.

Awakening the love and desire;

For the unknown, unheard of,

For you my ever elusive friend

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