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Monday, October 29, 2007

Your Ways

Your Ways

I cherish the golden moment
You tugged at my heartstring
With your divine melodies

Lifting my soul to the skies
Like a fool I tried to join in
Only to break the spell
Broken hearted and forsaken
I stand and muse
For what fault of mine!
Oh God!What fault of mine!
I felt you by my side
In a room full of people
You came to meIn the dark lonely night
Bursting with prideI misjudged my might.
Victorious, I tried to sing
Alas my pride has broken the string.
You were here!Now you are gone,
I know, though, I am not alone.
You are there in the air I breathe
Your songs , my Love , the flowers sing
You are gone, but not forever
Heartless you’re not
And you do care
To show me how the different ways
All reach you
In the coming days
I’ll find them out one by one
Thank you, Love,
I am not undone!

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