baggout Blogging Contest

Friday, February 8, 2008

Poor man"s wish list

I saw the moon shining like a golden platter
And how I wished that it was really so…
When we beg, gold dusts would drop like rain drops
Covering our earth, the green of which is vanishing fast
Behind smoke screens and skyscrapers.

When the sun rises in the morning it looks like a ball of fire;
And so it is; burning us with hunger and thirst
With so little to have, our children die of the fire burning
In their tummy which tap water cannot quell.
I sit in the street corner
Wishing for the gold dust to fall on earth
Passers by drop one or two – only coins they are
And for half a loaf our children fight like wolves…

At a distance I hear comrades cheering their leader
Who fought for the cause of poorest of the poor!
Result bringing in the shower of votes.
How I wish that it was a shower of gold dust covering our path…

Thursday, February 7, 2008


It’s true we do not have any time for the old
‘Cause we treat them only as a stepping stone.
Arms that cradle become withered with time and
We shrug them off as our burden of bones.

But I paused and looked at the Mirror-
Who am I ? The flower or the seed ;
We stop and sweat and wait for our child
To come of age; with love and delight.-
We let go our train but is it in vain?
Day and night we toil for them
To blossom and prosper-
But in the end, do we want to be thrown in the drain
That holds our parents and their folks too;
The mirror screamed ‘now it is time for YOU
To fall in the ravine that you dug for your old’

It is only you who can rewrite the story
And see a happy new one getting unfold
For you and you, who love your roots
Shall get the fruit of an evergreen tree.
You’ll see rainbows with heavenly hues
Embracing your sky, driving away the blues.

So look at your eyes and say I will not wither
Nor shall I let my roots to rot and die,
The river flows forever and ever;
You take the waves to a new high .