baggout Blogging Contest

Saturday, December 22, 2007


You run for me here and there,
Your search for me is loud and clear,
Money, money, money- you cry
Come to me, in vain I try
To turn you round and look a me,,
Quietly waiting for you to see
I am within and not without
Come my dear, find me out
The thieves can never reach me here.
Open your doors- the world may share!
And yet your riches will only grow
Your wealth rues for you to know
You and me are but the same
Find me out, it is game


I have surrendered all my burden to you ,
Why then I falter and fear !
Why my heart quivers ,
Offering my prayer .

Bless me with your fearless touch ;
Cleansing my soul of colour ,
Lead me unto your Blissful Light ,
Surpassing mundane dolour .

I know of no religion but you ,
Your work is the one thing I do ,
Guide me when I am wrong
In all my deeds and song .

Even if stricken by you
I offer you my pain ,
I give unto you all that I gain
My artful master, now can you say adieu ?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not for you

It is true my heart pined for you;
It is true I wanted you,
In the eastern sky glazed the sun
I craved for our souls to be but one.
The sun in the middle came like a ball of fire
I longed for you with burning desire,
I look at the sun setting in the West
The sky is pink and blue.
And I still think of you.
Turning your love to the next girl waiting
Burning my bed; her in mind
Sense of glory lasting for ever
Dazzled your eyes blind.
The girls have left their youth
So has your desire.
The nest you left is too big for you
You may come and retire.
Your place is now only at a corner
Compassion to blanket you
Love and desire are still shining high
But !They are not for you.