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Thursday, August 7, 2014

wedding planner for Raima from BAGGOUT

Proud to be a wedding planner for a few aspects of Raima Sen’ marriage (entirely imaginary)

Proud to be a wedding planner for a few aspects of Raima Sen’ marriage

After Band Baja Barat my interest in arranging marriage became an obsession and I got quite a few opportunities at home meaning our extended family of uncles aunties nephews and nieces and their wedding arrangements were gladly handed over to me and I managed them with aplomb ofcourse with the help of others

But I never expected anything like this when my girlhood friend Ragini called me up with a proposal to manage the wedding of her cousin  sister Raima Sen. Yes you have rightly guessed the Tollywood screen queen Raima sen .

First thing first and so I jotted out the ‘to do’ list first:
I have to make arrangement of the wedding place and the places where the guests might stay and cars and air tickets to be booked for the guests,

The wedding was scheduled on 24  Number. The climate being perfect we decided to book Echo park at Rajarhat New Town. Those of you who have not yet heard of Echo park must come at Kolkata and enjoy a few days at this part pf the mega city  absolutely green calm and beautiful with water bodies gardens and small attractive cottages to put up. Also the Vedic village at the same area.

After the selection of the place we applied to the West Bengal Govt for the purpose with an undertaking that we would by no means disturb the ecological balance and beauty of the place.
Vedic Village Resort

We contacted to do the necessary booking.

Then straight away I went and visited the facebook page of Although the bride will have some of her ornaments and sarees from Kolkata’s own Anjali Jewellers and Dhakeswari Bastralaya,
there were plenty of buying to do for fancy dresses, lehenga , salwars, bags, shoes  trendy and gorgeous jewellery, and also gifts for the guest and where else to go than
I give below links of some retails shops at baggout that were offering best deals and I picked up some ravishing dresses for the  wedding

And here are links of particular products from the shops:

Now I give you links + images of some more  beautiful dresses:

 I visited Jabong at baggout and here are some examples of exquisite  dresses that would look fabulous on Raima.first I picked some dresses like
from shop   I chose beautiful

Raima wanted some fancy  American diamond sets and I visited bagggout and found what I wanted from where there is Upto 3.0% Cashback on all purchases, here is one or two photos for the interested

I selected two to three shopper from baggout for flower decorations at the different occasions at the wedding , here are a few name for
reference which I verified offer much less rate from other shops at , Crazy Florist, Crafts villa, and on most purchase there was heavy discount

Raima is a very kind person and she wanted dresses and sarees for all her staffets and I to baggout and picked up quite a few at reasonable price. Readers may visit baggout.cpm and search for Platinum Saree-Traditional Stone Gren Art Silk Saree, PSC030A INR 1230/- as an example. I am sure you will be awed to find so much variety at the same place without going out at all.:D

Then I came to the most important purchases to be made, sherwanis, shirts, casuals and a lot for men. In baggout I went to craftsville and chose some cufflinks, eg for casuals, formals, shoes etc I selected items from ENSEMBLAME Van Husain

There was an ongoing deal at baggout for grooming ( and I selected all that were needed for the groom at a low cost.

Sarees, dresses, shoes, jewelleries and florist taken care of I had to think of the most important aspect and that is lighting and food and so I had to visit baggout once again.

I was so tired by then, I thought I must take a nap for, FOOD for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner for the whole ceremony was too big a task to handle and I dozed off and in my dream  I called up Grand Hotel to make all the arrangement, for though, I could arrange from baggout,, and a few other places, but I wanted to be safe and sure in this respect.

Forgive me BAGGOUT,in this count