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Thursday, August 7, 2014

wedding planner for Raima from BAGGOUT

Proud to be a wedding planner for a few aspects of Raima Sen’ marriage (entirely imaginary)

Proud to be a wedding planner for a few aspects of Raima Sen’ marriage

After Band Baja Barat my interest in arranging marriage became an obsession and I got quite a few opportunities at home meaning our extended family of uncles aunties nephews and nieces and their wedding arrangements were gladly handed over to me and I managed them with aplomb ofcourse with the help of others

But I never expected anything like this when my girlhood friend Ragini called me up with a proposal to manage the wedding of her cousin  sister Raima Sen. Yes you have rightly guessed the Tollywood screen queen Raima sen .

First thing first and so I jotted out the ‘to do’ list first:
I have to make arrangement of the wedding place and the places where the guests might stay and cars and air tickets to be booked for the guests,

The wedding was scheduled on 24  Number. The climate being perfect we decided to book Echo park at Rajarhat New Town. Those of you who have not yet heard of Echo park must come at Kolkata and enjoy a few days at this part pf the mega city  absolutely green calm and beautiful with water bodies gardens and small attractive cottages to put up. Also the Vedic village at the same area.

After the selection of the place we applied to the West Bengal Govt for the purpose with an undertaking that we would by no means disturb the ecological balance and beauty of the place.
Vedic Village Resort

We contacted to do the necessary booking.

Then straight away I went and visited the facebook page of Although the bride will have some of her ornaments and sarees from Kolkata’s own Anjali Jewellers and Dhakeswari Bastralaya,
there were plenty of buying to do for fancy dresses, lehenga , salwars, bags, shoes  trendy and gorgeous jewellery, and also gifts for the guest and where else to go than
I give below links of some retails shops at baggout that were offering best deals and I picked up some ravishing dresses for the  wedding

And here are links of particular products from the shops:

Now I give you links + images of some more  beautiful dresses:

 I visited Jabong at baggout and here are some examples of exquisite  dresses that would look fabulous on Raima.first I picked some dresses like
from shop   I chose beautiful

Raima wanted some fancy  American diamond sets and I visited bagggout and found what I wanted from where there is Upto 3.0% Cashback on all purchases, here is one or two photos for the interested

I selected two to three shopper from baggout for flower decorations at the different occasions at the wedding , here are a few name for
reference which I verified offer much less rate from other shops at , Crazy Florist, Crafts villa, and on most purchase there was heavy discount

Raima is a very kind person and she wanted dresses and sarees for all her staffets and I to baggout and picked up quite a few at reasonable price. Readers may visit baggout.cpm and search for Platinum Saree-Traditional Stone Gren Art Silk Saree, PSC030A INR 1230/- as an example. I am sure you will be awed to find so much variety at the same place without going out at all.:D

Then I came to the most important purchases to be made, sherwanis, shirts, casuals and a lot for men. In baggout I went to craftsville and chose some cufflinks, eg for casuals, formals, shoes etc I selected items from ENSEMBLAME Van Husain

There was an ongoing deal at baggout for grooming ( and I selected all that were needed for the groom at a low cost.

Sarees, dresses, shoes, jewelleries and florist taken care of I had to think of the most important aspect and that is lighting and food and so I had to visit baggout once again.

I was so tired by then, I thought I must take a nap for, FOOD for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner for the whole ceremony was too big a task to handle and I dozed off and in my dream  I called up Grand Hotel to make all the arrangement, for though, I could arrange from baggout,, and a few other places, but I wanted to be safe and sure in this respect.

Forgive me BAGGOUT,in this count

Friday, July 18, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014


It has become a past time for men of all age and from all backgrounds to molest or rape women . In a crowded public place, public transport and ofcourse on lonely places.Tthis has become a menace and is growing uglier day by day.

I remember once when I was young and was travelling in a crowded minibus , seated cramped up at the back seat. two gentlemen sat on either side and on my left side an elderly gentleman was sitting hunched up and tightly clutching his briefcase on his chest. After some time I felt something hard pursing against my left breast and I tried in vain to move and thought it must be the edge of the briefcase and I looked down and found that the lousy old man was stealthily touching my breast with his fingers hidden from others behind his briefcase.

I always react instantly without giving a thought where I am ,and thankfully my stoppage was coming near. I looked at the man and shouted, It was your fingers that were touching me! I thought it was your briefcase. What a same, you old hag, doing such nasty thing in a crowded bus. I warn you, don't ever dare to do this in future. I said this because, both of us boarded the bus together from the starting point at our place in Lake

Then I looked around and saw pairs of disapproving eyes of the fellow male passengers on me, trying to say, how unladylike like and that too, to a elderly man; as all men tend to believe that women react on flimsy ground on touching them unintentional on a moving and crowded vehicle.

Then their disapproval turned to first disbelief and then to a glare when they looked at the gentleman in question. The lousy man was trying to pacify and silence me by gesticulating with putting  his fingers on his mouth. His fearful expression and begging eyes exposed it all.

But it was a good thirty years earlier. Now a days they do it  before all and if any girl try to object they just leer and jest or on worst case molest her farther.

Have you ever thought why the society is going down hill so fast.

I can only ask the girls, would be mothers and mothers to teach their sons to respect women. Even one boy tought  is a step forward

Flipkart evouchers are a sham!

Recently I received an e-voucher for INR 500 from for as a gift for a write-up. I was so happy and went to flipkart home page. I have been buying for for quite a long time and always found them prompt and easy to purchase.

But this e-voucher made me run from pillar to post in the web to buy something of my choice and always coming back to a stumbling block which says this voucher is only applicable to the WS retail seller. I wasted four days searching for WS Retail stores and then for something to buy with 500/-. It was such a frustrating experience that the joy of winning the e-voucher just vanished and I decided to forget about if. But then I came across an article which expressed exactly what I felt and I give below the link and also the a copy of the article just to warn my fellow bloggers not to fall into this trap.

But I must say the baggout people were very nice and have agreed to send me a cheque instead.

Flipkart eGift Voucher

Flipkart evouchers are a sham!

You might know the WS retail is flipkart’s own seller (flipkart itself). Flipkart evouchers/gifts are applicable only on product whose seller is WS retail. When a person goes to Flipkart to buy something, it is because there is a clear intent to buy something ( that item of interest). Or let us, for the sake of argument, say that a user might just browse the flipkart website to see if there are any good offers or something new has come up, which one might buy. So, we agree, irrespective of the which case one fits into, that it is the object or “thing” that one is focused on and not the seller who is gonna ship it to you.
With that case in mind here are the problems:
1. there is no way for a user to search for a particular product AND shipped by a particular seller. So what I have to do is look for a product and then go through each of the product description to see who the seller is. Coz’ if I want to use the flipkart gift card or evoucher I have to make sure that this particular product of interest is shipped by WS Retail. This is a pain.
2. By the time you go through all the product details to find that particular item shipped by WS retail in particular, one is fed up and forgets about the item of interest. And starts looking for a way to access all the items sold by WS Retail, perhaps one might find some items (that WS retail ships) that might of interest to him/her. But there is no way to browse all items by a particular seller. Again, a pain.
I wanted to buy a cycle helmet and a tupperware lunch box, both are available but not sold by WS retail. So I couldn’t user the flipkart voucher. Now I’m in the mode of searching anything sold by WS retail (even if it is of no use to me) to use the gift vouchers on.
It has been a terrible experience trying to redeem the “flipkart” evoucher on flipkart!! It would be fair to name it “WS Retail voucher”!! Flipkart evouchers are white elephants!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

When Alice came to BAGGOUT

When Alice came to BAGGOUT

Alice came out of her wonderland, wiser, happier and exhausted. Oh mom what a dreamland it was, so full of excitements, I have started missing it already, she put out a hand to her mother, can you take me somewhere more interesting !
Of course dear, said mom.
Mom, you are kidding,
No dear I am not. Mother took  Alice to her bedroom and opened the cover from   a brand new computer. She clicked and  a screen appeared dancing and blinking
Now dear Alice try to find out things that would make you happier, things that would dazzle you, things that you can only dream of and because you have been so good in your Wonderland I am going to present you with your choices:
Alice stared open mouthed at all the shopping centre lists and lost her way once again.

Mama I want that Wild Republic Hug Ems 11 inch Lion Soft Toy

And that DIOVANNIDiovanni Diovanni Jewellery Set DIORNSST42

Diovanni Love Flies Metal, Alloy Necklace

Chalk Studio Polka Bling S006

Chalk Studio Grid Chalked S008
Use Me Use Me Bluez Blue Sling Bags




Alice said Mama I also want to shop some thing for my bed room:


Mother was lying on the floor fainting from the huge shopping list presented by her exited daughter Alice

Alice sprinkled some water on her face and said mom, cool it, I am not finished yet; we must offer some pizza for dinner and lots and lots of other things and mom , it won't hurt your pocket much, there is attractive discount on every purchase and even cash back guarantee.  Think mom, we don't have have to go shopping from shop to shop by foot, you just make the choice and your packet will arrive at your doorstep, without any extra delivery charge, can you imagine that!

Mother looked at Alice with wide eyed disbelief, Alice I only showed you the door but you have discovered another wonderland so easily  and so fast. Lets inspect some more and I would like to order a red dinner dress for myself too. :D

FabFurnish.com6.0% Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

Limeroad.comRs. 225 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

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Dailyobjects.comRs. 105 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS
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Shopclues.comUpto 3.0% Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

Bagskart.comUpto Rs. 158 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

Jewelskart.comUpto Rs. 158 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

WatchKart.comUpto Rs. 158 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS
cromaretail.com0.9% Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

www.starcj.comUpto Rs. 60 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

shoppersstop.comUpto Rs. 263 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

fashionandyou.comRs. 45 Cashback on all purchasesVIEW ALL DEALS

Friday, January 17, 2014

Knowledge is Great

At the age of sixty plus most people say there is no use in going for further study. Without going into controversy I would say, if there was a course on ‘Personality grooming and etiquette’  I would ,even at my ripe age of sixty six, go for  , if there be any opportunity,  further study in UK, of course if found eligible . As I am not much acquainted with Universities abroad, I would like go for either Oxford or Cambridge, as these two names carry with them aroma of the British  magnanimity and  aristocracy .

I was born in 1948 , in independent India which still followed the British culture in general life. British are known for their modesty and etiquette, though with a stiff upper lip, I still long for the goodness morality, and ethics infused in people in British period. My Grandfather was a typical British product which I admired a lot. He did not shout  while reprimanding juniors, he possessed enough  courage and strength of character and as a General Manager of a Brick Factory in the Santhal area, was revered and loved for his tough but just stance and I am sure he had a lot of British culture in him. British people are known for their justice.
I would not say that I was in favour of the British rule and want it back, or that I am not proud to be a citizen of Independent India. But I think with independence Indian people did not get proper rulers, proper education proper food, clothing and most important respect. The rulers and ruled alike lack proper knowledge and culture.
Grandapa was extremely punctual in keeping time for any appointment, very much a British culture.
I would often see Grandpa waiting for the right  ‘Time’  fully dressed up and ready. If he arrived ten minutes ahead of time, he would stay outside and call on the person n the appointed time. I learned a lot from watching him.

If you ask me why do I long for British culture, I would answer, independent India, especially in West Bengal there is no culture at all, either British or Indian. India is a place ruled for several  hundreds decades by several  rulers.
The lack of any ethical or moral education our children are going downhill along with the society. Politics has ruined the moral and mental health of a generation of people badly. A political party has erased and taken out all moral and ethical values, that they considered old and back dated , but failed to put in new values. Our society is therefore full with young people arrogant, insubordinate,  puffing into their elders face and calling it courage. There is no regard in our society today for elders and women, which pains me a lot. They do not follow Vivekananda nor  any other religious teachings and knows only one thing :how to break rules and how to make their parent shamefaced.
They kill, rape and loot, they children of well educated and affluent families, as also the vagabonds.
I know I will not be able to teach all of them or bring about a change in the cultural level, but I would still want to educate myself with the best culture of the world (it is my personal opinion) and cleanse myself with the rots and filth with I get with everyday newspapers and television. I would like to educate as far as I can , the young people around me the values of modesty, etiquette and morality.

Of course I have no use to take it to the burning-ghat with me, but would try how little it might be,
To teach children I come across, the value of discipline , uprightness, , etiquette, modesty and ethics.

If only we could make our degenerated society turn into a Utopia.