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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Scholar

The Scholar

I am a wise man, a philosopher I am !
I don’t care a damn for you,
I give a fig for them.
The world is full of fools ,
I’ll prove beyond doubt
Negation is the buzzword, positive is out.
Why run after illusions !
While nothing is going to stay.
Nothing you should care for.
To no one you should pray.
I am here to guide you all,
To your ultimate goal .
There is only nothingness,
Or nothing at all!
I have read a lot of books,
Treaded the scholarly path
Contemplation years later
Traveling on the rut –
I know for certain and
So you should too -
Nothings remains sans your wisdom
Nothing but Conscious you!
I can answer all you ask for,
Dispel all your doubts.
Consciousness is the only count,
On which I am bowled out !!

1 comment:

Kalpurush said...

There are many people with loads of experience about life. But not many people can turn it into letters like you.