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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Page from my Diary

The Bird
The Bird on her golden perch, strained her neck and bent her head
To look around and down,
You should never try to fly, her master said.
The master had a little son, who opened the tiny chain
Tie me oh boy lest I fall cried the bird but in vain
The boy was but only a kid; he could not undo what he did
And he left the bird unchained.
A howling wind came rushing in
Rocking the golden stand
Loosing her grip, the bird fell down
Frightened and out of her mind.
The wings on her back trembled and shuddered
But what for, the bird never knew,
She dared to look up and there she saw
Her kith and kin in the blue
Flying and diving and soaring in the sky
Like kites without thread
She picked up her wings to join her folks
On the sky over her head
The master came running with chain in hand
Waving to his pet in the sky
She is not looking back, she is not looking down
To the chains she bade goodbye


Nalini Hebbar said... the way your poem talks about this basic right...the sketch is very good too...your diary seems to be a great place to spend some time in.

Santwana said...

Thanks Nalini