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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Me and my dear soul

Me and my dear Soul

With deep resonant voice the ocean beckons me
Time and again I jump into its savage arms
The sun jumping out of the waterbed rises up the sky
Thousand waves revolving all round we make love
And I come ashore exhausted and breathlessly happy!
Then I jump again and again in the blue-green water,
Sand and salty water, the sea and me
Oh my! What a place to be!!
The sun crawls back in to the waters
Stars peeping out of the night sky
I sit down below chin on my knees.
Darkness all around, but the stars above
Fiercely growling the mighty waves keep
Bouncing back impatiently on the shore
But I have closed my doors
Shutting out the roaring ocean
I plunge deeper inside
Some one is calling
Come, be one with me
I am here waiting for you
For ever and ever
Oh what a lovely voice, such serenity
I lose myself into the one and only,
So near and so close
Oh my! What a place to be
My dear soul and me!!

1 comment:

Kalpurush said...

You r a gifted soul, a gift from the eternal soul.