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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is Love

What is love if it does not give you pain,
What is love if it does not make you cry,
The more I love , I miss you more,
And feel incomplete,
Separated and left alone,
I want so much to be one with you
To be inside and not without,
Like the morning sun and its golden glow,
The silver of the moon,
The depth of the see,
And green of the meadow,
The crescendo where pain
Melts in to pleasure,
I want you here in my soul,
A burning desire for
Its own fulfillment,
A happy tune
Melting into sadness,
What is love if it Doesn’t take you
To the clouds in ecstasy ,
Make your heart stop
Once or twice,
Or goad you to fly into the sky,
What is love if it does not make you cry .

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