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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monkey's Paw

Like an old wise monkey you
Have taken your seat on top,
And we , the Lilliputians,
Sit at your feet licking our lips,
May be some of your enemies
Get tired and offer you, sugar,
Banana and milk,
Which , you , being the large
Heart that you are
May pour down our throats.
We are hungry but we are
Petty thieves, we snatch
Only in the sly , but you have
Taken the sky in your
Paw and they day
Of retirement, may
Give your Great Paw
To any of us, your die hard followers.
But I am becoming wise too
In degrees ;
And I beg of you, Oh Wise Old One ;
Please do not take me wrong ,
I know how disastrous it is
To ask for three favours-
From the Monkey’s Paw !

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