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Friday, August 26, 2011


While the whole of India is alive on the topic –CORRUPTION- I thought I would put a few humble observations too.

It is true we, the ordinary people, are all corrupt some how or other and we go on exploiting others to our advantage. I speak big but always employ maids at Bengal market rate , which is too minimal. I know that our society is full of poor and deprived people and I can easily get one at minimum wage and treat her to my advantage. We generally refuse to think rationally in this regard. Unless the poor people are aware of their rights and claim for it, we do not give them their due. Well this is the least that I would like to criticize myself for we tend to justify our every move.

For sometime now I am terribly put off by the computer people or the persons who come to tend to my PC. I know very little about hardware and software and get worried if any how my pc malfunctions. When I bought the HP product in 2007 I was high on air, and had nothing to worry as it was on warranty and only the company engineers used to rectify any problem. Once the warranty expired and by then I too retired from my job, I was between the devil and the deep sea. i searched and found out a local company ‘amal computers’. Who would come and tend to my pc from time to time. On one occasion the gentleman pointed out that one of my Rams were not compatible with my pc and so the pc was going black and he took it out and said he would replace it after repairment and he never gave it back. After a lot of futile telephonic requests I went for another named ‘papin solutions’(2011) and this gentleman said the pc needs to be formatted, and we found that the original XP cd was missing from the box where I keep all the accessories that the shop gave me with the PC and the it was ‘amal computers’ to whom I gave access to this box on an earlier occasions. there was nothing I could do, so I allowed papin solutions to format my PC and after formatting I find my HP deskjet 1400 printer is not being recognized by the computer, although the software had been reloaded. I called ‘papin’ and he said either I let him format for a second time or try to remove Win 32 virus which has corrupted the printer software.

Now these are all ordinary people like me, likable , more or less honest and leading simple life, still they exploited me, as they knew I am incapable of keeping my PC in order in troubled times. They do not think twice before fleecing me in the name of their expertise.

How do we cure us of the evil which has gone into the very bone of our society, I wonder

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