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Sunday, September 19, 2010

On a bad day

On a bad day

Little Jojo was having a Mango
And enjoying it much !
When he spotted a monkey
On a tree giving him a mean watch !
Monkeys are fond of banana
That was what he knew,
So he called -‘ mama please give
Me a banana, will you!
Sure child but first you finish
Your Mango she said,
Mango is for me mom,
Banana is for the monkeys sake.
Really, you have turned
much too witty for your age.
This boy is no good, so I should
Try myself, mused the brute
And he jumped to snatch the fruit,
Giving Jojo a slap on his way;
Mama came in a moment and
Looked for the skins of mango.
A monkey took it home,
Said the frightened Jojo,
Should be ashamed of yourself
Boy, I am sick of liars you should know!
Little Jojo stood confused and sad,
What a cursed day that turned everything so bad.


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