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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If my son asks me

When my son asked me!
Mom…look at that old woman
Sitting desolate, looking lost,
Ragged and filthy cloth
Clinging on her frail body !
Mom…why does she remind me of
My own granny !
Can we call her and give her shelter
Offer her food and decent cloths!
Can we mom, please !
I would share with her
My room and my blanket !
Don’t get angry with her mom
Like you used to be with my own granny,
For I would always love you more.
Can we call her mom , can we please.
She would tell me stories,
She would listen and she would sing,
Just like my good old granny!
Can we adopt her mom , please say I might
Like Mani aunty adopted a child ,
My heart was gripped tight ,
But I could find no answer .


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