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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Her Phone, Her life, Her friends

My phone started ringing and I thought who could it be! My phone was new, slick and smart and so new, most of my friends did not know of it, which I wanted desperately to show, though I knew too well that they would only laugh at me for being still fond of showing off new things at this age. I stopped short of taking it out of my bag, as a very catchy tune started as a ringtone and the girl standing next to me on the zebra crossing, waiting for the light to turn green picked it up hurriedly and started talking animatedly. Poor girl, I thought, she is so engrossed , that she did not notice she was almost shouting at the caller and before I could restrain her she started moving forward even with the light being still red. I saw a minibus approaching and just caught hold of her dopatta and tried to pull her back, but she did not even seem to notice my move and the the approaching vehicle and the next thing I saw the young body being flown past me and hitting the footpath, bloody and dead.

I wonder why these young people do not think twice before putting their lives at risk. I have travelled almost two thirds of my life and still I value my life, I treasure my life as a special gift of God. I know I have been given once chance in life, which I would live to the full, enjoying and savouring every second of it. But look at these young ones, they just throw caution to the winds for the sake of staying connected to their friends and family at all odd hours at all odd places. It seems, they think nothing else exists, while they are on call.

What is the use of having a mobile and a host of near and dear one, if you are not there to hold it in your hand and stay connected.

I wish there was a smart phone which would flash the word CAUTION or cry out LOOK OUT/STOP if its owner is crossing a busy road, is on the friving seat or at any such position that requires attention.
Is anybody listenting!!


pawan said...

That's a feature which's been overlooked by every company and I guess it will be overlooked, because that indirectly asks the user to reduce the phone usage innit?

Good one!
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