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Monday, February 2, 2015


I wanted to self publish my favourite poems for children and contacted a relatively new publisher 24by7

To test waters I first let them publish a black and white book of adult poems "Nari tumi k" and I was satisfied

Next I contacted them and with the proposal of publishing my children poem book with sketches that were made by Sri Tapomitra Bandyopadhyay

They requested me to make it a colored book for which I would have to pay INR 23440/-
And they would provide me

(a) option of choosing my colored cover page created by their inhouse artist from three samples
(b) they would make the sketches provided in mono colors
(c) I was entitled to three to four illustrations proved by their inhouse artist
(d) I would get 10 free copies
(e) 10 colored posters to be displayed by them at the coming book fair
(e) 96 colored personal card for advertisement
(f) they promised to provide two drawings with each poem one by Topomitra and other my colored drawing with computer

And by no means they would take a single step without getting my written consent

What they did

They sent me a printed book without taking my consent about the cover page

Only the sketches were printed while they called for the entire file of computer drawing from me

Apart from the title page and dedication page the whole book was black and white only the first letter of each poem was Red (?)

The title of poems were highlighted with odd colors

One of the poem was incomplete and the next two were totally omitted

This thin book of 92 pages are priced at INR 699/-

After consultation they made some changes like

The pages of the whole book were replaced with lightly colored pages

My colored computer drawings were taken into consideration

All the poems were included

Ten free copies , 96 cards and 10 colored posters provided but unfortunately
 they remain unused as they have not booked any stall at the bookfair

In the reprinted book a poem has been unnecessarily edited so that it has become meaningless and a jargon of unrelated words

The book is still priced INR 699/-

By the way this is my seventh selfpublished book

Where do writers like me stand

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