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Friday, January 16, 2015



February 14 is considered as Lovers Day all over the world but I do not know why this day should be linked to Romantic boy- girl love.  Love to me is next to God and the best example of Love is that between a mother and child. I am sure saint Valentine , if alive, would happily agree with me in this regard.

So today , I would beg of Him to give  unending power to make the last day happy and painless for my niece  Mantu  , who is in tremendous pain both physical and mental, with fourth stage cancer, suffering terribly , knowing her days are only numbered.

Whenever I talk to her and her mother over iphone and see each other in "face time" my heart breaks into thousand pieces and feel like crying out loud but I remain quiet and show I am cheerful and know she would survive , with some miracle drug.

Mantu asks " Mashi  please pray for me" yes dear of course I say.
Mashi I want to see you- and I smile and say of course dear we are going to meet soon.
She stays with her mother in New Jersey and when she says "Mashi I would like to come to India and meet all my cousins" I almost gulp down  my tears.

Now that I am supposed to get every power to make some one I know to have the greatest ball on this Valentine day, I would chose Mantu and like the fairy God Mother make her look as beautiful as I have seen her before cancer, make her wear beautiful dress like Cinderella, and make her enter the most gorgeous ball at New Jersey City.

People will look at her and wonder who the fair lady is, eligible bachelors will fight with one another to have a dance with her and the best of the young men will get a chance to look at her eyes and Whisper "I Love You" , a word she has not so far heard and will never hear again. The evening will pass  like a dream and Mantu will forget everything about her illness and look into the young man's eyes and say I Love You too.

At the stroke of midnight God would make her sleep forever with the belief firm in her that she is cured and in Love and her charming Love is taking her to Heaven for ever.

 If and only if I could have the power to change one day in the girl's last days , this is it.

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