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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Flipkart evouchers are a sham!

Recently I received an e-voucher for INR 500 from for as a gift for a write-up. I was so happy and went to flipkart home page. I have been buying for for quite a long time and always found them prompt and easy to purchase.

But this e-voucher made me run from pillar to post in the web to buy something of my choice and always coming back to a stumbling block which says this voucher is only applicable to the WS retail seller. I wasted four days searching for WS Retail stores and then for something to buy with 500/-. It was such a frustrating experience that the joy of winning the e-voucher just vanished and I decided to forget about if. But then I came across an article which expressed exactly what I felt and I give below the link and also the a copy of the article just to warn my fellow bloggers not to fall into this trap.

But I must say the baggout people were very nice and have agreed to send me a cheque instead.

Flipkart eGift Voucher

Flipkart evouchers are a sham!

You might know the WS retail is flipkart’s own seller (flipkart itself). Flipkart evouchers/gifts are applicable only on product whose seller is WS retail. When a person goes to Flipkart to buy something, it is because there is a clear intent to buy something ( that item of interest). Or let us, for the sake of argument, say that a user might just browse the flipkart website to see if there are any good offers or something new has come up, which one might buy. So, we agree, irrespective of the which case one fits into, that it is the object or “thing” that one is focused on and not the seller who is gonna ship it to you.
With that case in mind here are the problems:
1. there is no way for a user to search for a particular product AND shipped by a particular seller. So what I have to do is look for a product and then go through each of the product description to see who the seller is. Coz’ if I want to use the flipkart gift card or evoucher I have to make sure that this particular product of interest is shipped by WS Retail. This is a pain.
2. By the time you go through all the product details to find that particular item shipped by WS retail in particular, one is fed up and forgets about the item of interest. And starts looking for a way to access all the items sold by WS Retail, perhaps one might find some items (that WS retail ships) that might of interest to him/her. But there is no way to browse all items by a particular seller. Again, a pain.
I wanted to buy a cycle helmet and a tupperware lunch box, both are available but not sold by WS retail. So I couldn’t user the flipkart voucher. Now I’m in the mode of searching anything sold by WS retail (even if it is of no use to me) to use the gift vouchers on.
It has been a terrible experience trying to redeem the “flipkart” evoucher on flipkart!! It would be fair to name it “WS Retail voucher”!! Flipkart evouchers are white elephants!

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