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Friday, January 17, 2014

Knowledge is Great

At the age of sixty plus most people say there is no use in going for further study. Without going into controversy I would say, if there was a course on ‘Personality grooming and etiquette’  I would ,even at my ripe age of sixty six, go for  , if there be any opportunity,  further study in UK, of course if found eligible . As I am not much acquainted with Universities abroad, I would like go for either Oxford or Cambridge, as these two names carry with them aroma of the British  magnanimity and  aristocracy .

I was born in 1948 , in independent India which still followed the British culture in general life. British are known for their modesty and etiquette, though with a stiff upper lip, I still long for the goodness morality, and ethics infused in people in British period. My Grandfather was a typical British product which I admired a lot. He did not shout  while reprimanding juniors, he possessed enough  courage and strength of character and as a General Manager of a Brick Factory in the Santhal area, was revered and loved for his tough but just stance and I am sure he had a lot of British culture in him. British people are known for their justice.
I would not say that I was in favour of the British rule and want it back, or that I am not proud to be a citizen of Independent India. But I think with independence Indian people did not get proper rulers, proper education proper food, clothing and most important respect. The rulers and ruled alike lack proper knowledge and culture.
Grandapa was extremely punctual in keeping time for any appointment, very much a British culture.
I would often see Grandpa waiting for the right  ‘Time’  fully dressed up and ready. If he arrived ten minutes ahead of time, he would stay outside and call on the person n the appointed time. I learned a lot from watching him.

If you ask me why do I long for British culture, I would answer, independent India, especially in West Bengal there is no culture at all, either British or Indian. India is a place ruled for several  hundreds decades by several  rulers.
The lack of any ethical or moral education our children are going downhill along with the society. Politics has ruined the moral and mental health of a generation of people badly. A political party has erased and taken out all moral and ethical values, that they considered old and back dated , but failed to put in new values. Our society is therefore full with young people arrogant, insubordinate,  puffing into their elders face and calling it courage. There is no regard in our society today for elders and women, which pains me a lot. They do not follow Vivekananda nor  any other religious teachings and knows only one thing :how to break rules and how to make their parent shamefaced.
They kill, rape and loot, they children of well educated and affluent families, as also the vagabonds.
I know I will not be able to teach all of them or bring about a change in the cultural level, but I would still want to educate myself with the best culture of the world (it is my personal opinion) and cleanse myself with the rots and filth with I get with everyday newspapers and television. I would like to educate as far as I can , the young people around me the values of modesty, etiquette and morality.

Of course I have no use to take it to the burning-ghat with me, but would try how little it might be,
To teach children I come across, the value of discipline , uprightness, , etiquette, modesty and ethics.

If only we could make our degenerated society turn into a Utopia.


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