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Monday, January 5, 2009

You and me

Often wonder who was with me all through;
And I find only you ,
Walking hand in hand
From the first day that the sun smiled on us;
To the dusky evening and dark starry night.

They came and parted leaving a shadow
They are passers-by
And not my own.

I loved and hated
And held them close till they went their way.
You waited patiently!
And on each parting I turned to you
Looking for solace and warmth
We grew up and am turning grey.
But when I look at you
The same old friend, smiling and stretching out your hand.
Age never touch you and you smile like the rose
For ever and ever till the end.
And I know you will still be there waiting
As you waited for me to come out of my mothers womb,
A tiny little bundle of life and you waited for me to come of age
To find you there waiting for me.

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