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Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Love my Life

Born out of sorrow you are not an undercurrent of pain deep down.
I found you in the buds ;
In the morning glory glistening under the sun;
I loved you with all my might in my virulent youth
Trying to capture you in the blue dots and line
Written all over my book.
I keep so jealously.
I painted you with rainbow colours in my western sky;
Humming your tune louder and louder
Bidding goodbye to all the sadness pouring onto me
Deep wound bleeds drip by drip
But I clean it silently.
I am so happy to have you
In the red of my blood
That flows and blows your trumpet ;
Oh my life ;
You are here so I breathe;
I laugh and I cry with my heart’s desire;
Till the hand so black
Snatches you away,
Keeping the flame of love for ever burning in my soul
Be with me smiling all the way
Oh my love, my life.

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