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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

She knew why

He waited with throbbing heart ;
He waited with impatience ;
Counting the seconds..
And she came and passed him by ;
Not looking not giving a glance,
He did not know why..
She went from room to room
Chatting and laughing
People cheered her
Every move, gobbled her word like wine..
Unknown to him she kept her night aside for him
She waited for all to go
When she would be free ..
Free to hold his hand
Free to lend him a shoulder
Free to listen and to tell !
Atlast finished and famished
She stood before him expecting to see the
Familiar light in his kind eyes..
He sat in his chair hating himself.
Looking at the door that just let her pass
Without a kind word
Without a friendly glance..
A sharp nail pierced his heart
Thinking of her wounded soul ,
The hurt visibly hanging on her eyes..
The eyes that revealed more than
A thousand word..
But she knew why!!

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