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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the silence of the dark

I won’t come to you.
I promise, never.
But for ever and ever ,
I would be with you in your dreams and your thoughts.

I won’t let you catch me, my dear.
But I would be there in the books in your hands,
In the lyrics that you love,
In the words that make you laugh and cry.

I would be there in the evening breeze,
To cool you and to hug you as I wish.
No, I won’t ask for favours
But look for me in the pain and the tears that separate us.

At the dead of night
Silently and softly I would mingle in your soul
Sleeping in oblivion.
I promise, I won’t hold you in my arms.
But kindling the flame of hope and desire in my heart
I shall wait for you in the silence of the dark.

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