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Sunday, April 21, 2013

রাখে হরি মারে কে /who can kill him whom the Almighty protects

রাখে হরি মারে কে /who can kill him whom the Almighty protects

I, being slightly  anxiety prone  my family including myself try not to take seriously my complaints about various aches and pains.

For may be 6/7 years I was feeling intermittent pain in the chest   followed by heart palpitations but the local doctor assured me that the pain was due to acidity and palpitation due to anxiety prescribing antacid and mild sleeping tablets’ he doctor every time took ecg test . report of which was normal

On first and  second February, 2013  nights the pain became acute accompanied by breathlessness.  At about noon time  next day, i.e 4th February I realized the excruciating pain could not be due to acidity over and above I was almost chocking with breathlessness; my husband immediately tried to take me to some renowned hospital but I realized I could not survive more than ten minuets and he took me to EEDF (Sree Aurobindo Sevasadan) quite well-known health care centre in our area.

The ordeal started immediately. I was asked to sit on a chair while they started completing their formalities with my husband. I was gasping for air sitting helpless and (almost a scene from. Munnabhai MBBS) some sensible soul  ordered to take me to the ecg room and there i was forced to lie down while they were  preparing me for the test, with all the strength i sat up and pushed the dumb head but another fathead came and tried to pin  me down the bed - how could they complete the test with me struggling and in a sitting position foxed me even in my desperation. Any way I was again moved to the reception room and I cried with all my strength - I am dying .I can not breathe. for gods sake give some medicine" and some one put two pipes in my nostrils and carried me to the ICU where despite the chill I started perspiring profusely and the resident doctor exclaimed -you are soaked in sweat you should have come earlier .

That night the doctor came looked through my patient file and started filling the goiter on my neck with gleaming eyes instructed his junior to make an usg of it.  Immediately despite my poor health condition,  I protested and explained I am under treatment of a specialist.  The doc argued some more and left my cabin. That evening usg was done of my abdomen and lower and upper abdomen.

Next morning doc told his junior to make a radio active scan of my thyroid gland and again we had an argument and he gave a lot of unpleasant  lectures unsolicited advices and . I asked my husband to instruct the doctors not to interfere with my thyroid gland which is under an able hand. He said that he did not whoever advised me whatever, according to him – the thyroid gland should be operated immediately.

The doctor also declared I was fit and now should be transferred to the general ward, where I found an extremely narrow cot covered with dirty and torn bed sheets.

On the third day they remembered that doc also instructed to make an echo cardiogram and luckily the nurse said the doctor  who does it was still present in his chamber. The doctor was not a female but to my utter embarrassment the nurse opened my shirt - echo done the doctor seemed worried and I asked was there any problem with my heart and he said yes and i would tell your doctor.

Doctor came that day in the evening and as usual went through my file and declared that as I well enough and   should walk in the corridor for some time. I asked when would I be released . He said " considering the extreme pneumatic and serious condition of my lung atleast another week . unless of course if I could make a hospital like condition at home (sarcasm). Then I asked " doc have u seen my echo report?" And he was surprised ‘was an echo made and when and where is the report’. I pointed to my patients file. One look at the file he started shouting where are your earlier echo reports and wont take my word that it was never done. And shouted at me - bring all your earlier prescription of your general physician and I asked- “ if you let me I can go home and bring them. “The glum doc instructed his junior to star giving me medicines for giving vig lasix . cardece etc and left in a huff.

I called home and asked to take me to any other hospital. My daughter in Singapore already asked her father to take me to belle veu clinic and the next morning they asked EEDF to release me and by noon I was wheeled in to belle veu clinic. I felt like I have come from hell to heaven. the doctors nurses, all staff are so caring and efficient. That evening they again made ecg, echo cardiogram and chest x-ray.

 Next morning the doctor informed me and my husband that. I went through a heart failure because my heart cannot pump more than 32 % while normal healthy heart should pump 72%. That very morning they made an angiography and informed my heart muscles have become slack and it is a condition called “ dialated cardio myopothy , Grade III mitral regurgitation “ and there is chest infection which can not be called pneumonia by any stretch of imagination. Now I am under their treatment and released after three days but have not given fit certificate and with bed rest instruction.

There is a saying in Bangla “raakhe Hari mare ke”  who can kill any one , the Almighty protects .
God has given me my life back but think of the others who come there for treatment but are treated like rats and ginny pigs and fleeced. I had to pay thirty thousand+ for their incorrect diagnosis horrible emotional harassment by the doctor. Our society is full of poor  people with little education and lacking in courage to oppose hospital doctors , who  they look upto as their saviors . Who do not know how to protect themselves from this wolves, who would not flinch to take all your organs and  money out if it suits them.

Name of the doc is TK Bannerjee

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