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Friday, August 10, 2012


.MAA (a tv serial running for years in Star Jalsa) with ALL  its actors is quite old now but the imbecility of the makers is growing STRONGER AND STRONGER. I am really at loss, how can a so called family with retired judges and lawyers and others educated persons have not heard of a DNA test. It is shamefull to see people of our educated society to be so naive as to accept a bride who is switched in between the marriage and still accept it is as legal and are totally unaware of the law of the land.

It is further awfully sadistic to continuously project a child who was kidnapped , going through all shorts of tortures even by her own family, who refuses to accept her as their own and use her first as maid, then hand her over to the police as a thief  and lastly while the grown up girl finally finds a reasonable , intelligent and loving forster mother , to force her to opt out of the grand marriage that her forster mother arranges for her in the middle, and sneak in their own child. 

All through the serial had been a mental torture to the viewers, mostly children (including my own grandchild) and uneducated mass, including my own helping hand who comes from the slums. 

These BLOCK HEADS should be taken to task for polluting our society with wrong notions of ethics and morality. As it is we have more illiterate viewers in city and suburbs who take it as acceptable .

In a bid to carry on with the show, they project weakness and submissiveness to wrong doings as an attribute and take the child, now young girl, almost to the alter of godliness in her abject submission to coercion , wrongdoing , blatant misconduct and lies . It appears that they are tryin to send a message girlchild/woman should sacrifice and sacrifice and suffer in silence to get a GREATEST WOMAN award from the society. It is absolutely disgusting.   I am really worried of the future of the children of our society, who might accept  it as heroism and true, just like our by gone era of  satidaha and  perverted notions of the IDEAL WOMAN by the patriarchal society.

We should teach our child that no character is ABSOLUTE BLACK OR WHITE.   We should encourage and help them to determine what is wrong and what is right.  The majority of our society is below poverty level and they do not have much luxury except a community tv to watch. We are duty bound to educate them through media .

The media is responsible to send right message and educate people and not mislead uneducated people and children to become victim of intellectual pollution.

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