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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After the Amri fire incident and arrest of the Directors

After the Amri fire and arrest of the Directors, who belong to the elite and rich business class, media, controlled by businessmen have taken a pole-vault . It is so sudden and so obvious; it does not call for much intelligence to understand the altered scenario.

But the fight here is between the elite and the non-elite, the rich and the not so rich, between the educated and net savvy and illiterate, between the well-fed and the hungry , which constitute the majority population in West Bengal, thanks to the previous Government.

Mamata Banerjee has made it a habit to offer comments on serious issues without checking out the veracity. She, for her own benefit, should refrain from speaking out before going through the facts.

When the  then Chief Minister Jyoti Basu remarked off handed and callous, “ why did she went there and so late in night’( oto raat a okhan a jai kano?)  referring to the heinous, brutal. Infamous and fatal rape case in Bantala, the reporters just looked the other way, because they were scared stiff to protest. Both the lady and the culprits belonged to the same political party.  And now that democracy rules the State and    we are free to judge and comment on any matter whatsoever, the media look for the mistakes only. People out side the State and also out side India are fed with the news that influential media houses prefer to serve them with.

They cry hoarse that government libraries are not keeping some particular papers but they never mention that  during the left rule, only  three party controlled papers were being purchased.

They are so concerned about Damayanti Sen, that perhaps even her family will fall behind in the race; that they are shouting every day to misinform people of West Bengal and outside, that She had been unfairly transferred for the good work done in the Park Street Rape case, presuming at their own sweet will that she did the good job against the wishes of the Government, that fail to mention that she has been promoted along with other IPS officers (60 ) and  transferred to other departments, which is the sole prerogative of the Chief Minister.

It is a sad affair, as people of West Bengal , has brought her in. They are looking up to her for development, which touched the nadir recently, to take the poor and illiterate mass towards new highs. The media houses are  looking after the interest of  a handful of rich and influential  and not the mass.

But  we should be happy that such people are fewer in number and can only try to malign the present Government with malicious news feeds and articles. But the truth will prevail and the common people of West Bengal will win .

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