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Thursday, June 23, 2011

BLACK AND WHITE--take a flight with colours

In the year 1970 I got married to my boyfriend in November and that year I joined the Calcutta University to get my Masters Degree in Mental and Moral Philosophy. The years ended and the last year of my university days emerged. I was both happy and sad as I was going to leave my friends, as most of them were going for further studies and I was denied permission. We were five of a group that have graduated from the same college i.e. Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata. We decided we would take a picture together and frame it and every year wherever we might be on that very date, November, 29th, we would try to meet or try to connect with each other.

So many decades have passed since then; the picture in black and white still stands on my mantelpiece, projecting five young souls looking deep into the eyes of the onlooker. I still remember I wore a cotton shawl over me, as was running a mild fever. The shawl was dark purple with light cotton embroidery on the borders and all over. The sari was my favourite, light mauve cotton with darker borders, mauve being my favourite colour. Rita sitting in the middle was wearing a cotton boutique sari, she was very fair and the bright Orange colour of her saree with dark chocolate prints suited her. The frame of her glasses was also new at that time, being light golden brown. Anurupa or Panna, sitting on her left wore a cotton print, light pink with blue flowers all over. Behind us stood Kaberi in a yellow cotton and Sumitra in a green silk sari. I was the only one married but I did not put on any bindi but Anurupa, Sumitra and Kaberi did.

I am so attached to the picture; It kind of floats before my eyes. I don’t know where my friends are now but I hope they are happy and doing well. I wish some day some one will hear me and colour the picture with the details that I have put in here and that would make my dream come true, it would bring the past to my present filling my heart with joy unlimited.

Are you there sir at ( , then I suppose you can definitely help turn my black and white wish to take wings and take a flight with colours

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