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Monday, May 17, 2010

Girl Child

The city malls throb with glow and glamour, cash and curry,
Outside the wet city is knee deep in water,
You stretch out your dirty hand sitting on the muddy street;.
And I drop a few coins may be to atone for my sins.

But Coins rusty or shining, tiny or big
The stepping stones to the throne can they be?

God has given me so much, both health and wealth ,:
Gratefully and proudly I flaunt my georgettes, gold ,
And blood red ruby drops adorning my lovely form;
People look at my glowing beauty in silent awe.
Yet I stop even for a second to look at you,
Stretching out your dirty palm for mercy and for alms:

In you I witness a savior’s might!
I stoop before you, clutching a skinny girl child
Desperately searching and crying for milk.
In your dry and emancipated chest
My full breasts give me so much pain,
Only, Oh if only I could feed her once,
My own flesh and blood that I left at your feet,
Stealthily at the dead of night.

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