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Monday, March 9, 2009


I often have a doubt whether I do love or regard anybody or is it only an image that I have superimpose on them.
The amount of love and affection that my heart can hold is too much for any human being. The love, the passion the depth all point to a recipient far superior to any person I know of, no ordinary being can take such love, let alone reciprocate.
Whenever their acts do not confirm to that image, they fall in my eyes and often I lose the regard or the love that I thought I had . In most cases this is true, we always love an image. Only exception may be our children because they are part of us, and however bad they may be even in our own eyes, we continue to love ourslves.
Day 2
Even when we find out that our loved ones are acting in a degraded manner, we try to find excuses for them. When we hate some one, we hate the evil image really that he creats . So if we should hate the sin and not the sinner the same logic holds good for love and if that be the case, we should love or hate qualities and not the person/s possessing such qualities or the lack of it.
Why and who do we love apart from ourselves ! Only that which gives us pleasure. So we love him/her only if he/she gives us pleasure in any form, visual, verbal or sexual. Some people have very twisted idea of pleaure and they love people who oppress or inflicts pain on them. It always starts and ends with "I' and "Me" and nothing else. So it is really not the other guy that we love but we love that which is the source of our pleasure.

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