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Saturday, March 28, 2015

When Zizu met the Younh Brave Heart Club

When Zizu met the young brave heart club 

Zizu stood straight with hands in his pockets of the black ragged jeans. He was his usual casual self with a grey jacket and a checkered red shirt inside . He had a unique crop haircut with two large   Z shaped cut on both sides , a hint of a smile in his intelligent eyes and an unusual black
Beauty spot on his right cheek complementing his fair complexion.

This is my cousin Zizu, introduced Rohan proudly to his friends.

Why Zizu, Pinky asked.

Because I was named after the famous foot baller Zidane, Zizu declared proudly.

Pinky and Tukai started giggling for no apparent reason.

What is so funny , Zizu asked irritated, his usual calm composer broken for a while. 

And if I ask 'why Pinky'

Pinky and Tukai gulped down their laughter and said welcome to the Young Brave Heart Club.

Brave heart Club , Zizu sounded confused.

Yes that is how we are named and will tell you the story some other time, Rohan declared proudly.

Bablu liked Zizu at first sight and being a child he gave Zizu a hug . Zizu was pleasantly surprised and hugged him too.

So long Bhulo was watching them and suddenly gave a whime and jumped up putting his paws on Zizu's shoulders and sniffed  profusely and apparently finding a good soul licked his face.

Zizu was unnerved with the suddenness of it but soon regained his composer and patted Bhulo affectionately. Every body had a hearty laugh at it.

Zizu lived with his parents at Mumbai  and came to visit his cousin Rohan after the Pujas as his father would be going far away at Canada in January as his father has secured a job there.

They took Zizu around their neighborhood . On the other-side of the road of Pinky,Tukai and Rohan's residence there was a large unkept compound with a large dilapidated building , with broken windows and creepers all over the building. The place once housed the state transport bus garage, buses lining up on the compound and the office building . The office had long been transferred to some other place and the compound was now a dumping ground for scrap material like broken body parts and tires and irons.

Does anybody live there, Zizu asked!

Only snakes , rats , thieves, and may be ghosts , informed Tukai.

Have you ever gone inside? Zizu wanted to know

Are you mad! Chorus

The group started planning their days ahead and on that day they had a grand dinner at Tukai's home and after a mouth watering meal they were called by Geeta aunty to to the hall where she had made a large bed on the floor with soft curl-on mattresses with white and flowered cover and soft pillows.

The grouped jumped on the bed and chatted and played word game, untakhsari, and being dog tired fell fast asleep.

At about mid night Zizu woke up and heard a strange rapping sound. He tiptoed to the window and looked outside. To his surprise he spotted light coming out of the corner room of the dilapidated building and some shadowy figures.

Enthralled Zizu put on his slippers and came out of the house to find out what was going on inside. Zizu peeped through the window and was surprised to find two men  bent on some machine and cutting papers, it seemed to him. Suddenly something hit his head from behind and he lost consciousness.

Next morning Zizu was found missing and the gang went in search of him in the neighborhood though at a complete loss where to start from.

Bhulo was conspicuously absent and his bark was coming from afar. The friends went running and found bhulo with one of the slippers Zizu wore dangling from his mouth with his tail up and wagging. Seeing the group approaching he went running back to the dilapidated building. 

While trying to peep inside Zizu had put two bricks and climbed on them putting his slippers behind.

The slippers were lying untouched.

The group went into a huddle and discussed the next move. Pinky said 'let's call   Police Uncle'

Police uncle warned them not to tell any body about it and behave normal. He went in the disguise of a rag picker inside the building about noon and started looking for any clue both inside and outside in the compound.  

He found a piece of paper which appeared to be a part of 500 rupee 
Note; a closer look and he was convinced it was a fake. So that is it , police uncle murmured . 

Suddenly a crumpled paper at the dark corner of the room caught his eyes. He picked it up and straightened it. It was a crumpled and oily news paper piece obviously the crooks must gave bought some oily food and he was about to throw it when he noticed written in red ink and a blunt thing Bankim Ghosh Lane.

Sabbas Zizu ! Mumbled police uncle.

At mid day police uncle Pinky and Bhulo went in disguise to Bankim Ghosh Lane and ask the locals whether there was a printing house nearby. A few inquiries later an old gentleman pointed at a pink two storied house  . Police uncle clad in dhoti and punjabi took Pinky along and knocked on the front door. The door was opened by a  curly haired young boy who stood blocking the door. Police uncle shoved him aside and went inside with Pinky and Bhulo.

An old fat and bald man was sitting behind a wooden table . He was wearing a sandow ganji and a half lungi. 

What you want- he shouted in a Graf voice. Police uncle said pointing at Pinky , my niece has written some poems, I was wondering if you could print them as a book! 

While talking to the man he was surveying the room, there were two exists, one through which they came in and another one led to a staircase. As planned beforehand Police uncle looked at Pinky and Pinky gave bhulo a push. Bhulo ran up the stairs and the bald man shouted 'stop the dog you stupid girl' and in his excitement toppled the chair and fell on the floor his lungi unfastened  . Pinky ran after Bhulo up the staircase and stood still where a man was standing with a gun pointed at Bhulo. But the man was not expecting what came to him, it was a bullet from police uncles revolver which hit the gun on his grip. While police uncle over powered him Pinky and Bhulo went from room to room looking for their friend Zizu. 

Suddenly Bhulo stopped before a big laundry box and started barking. Pinky opened the lid and there was Zizu huddled inside gagged and tied. Meanwhile Policemen waiting outside arrested the men and searched and discovered six bundles of fake 500 and 1000 rupee notes and a lot of discriminating documents and addresses. They realized they had caught the notorious  gang of interstate fraud stars. 

At Rohan's house Zizu was relaxing on a bed with each member of the gang including Bhulo sitting around him asking many a question. Pinky said Tell us Zizu why he did not do any harm to you?

Because they were going to ask for ransom from Zizu s parents. One of my men arrested the man red handed who called up his father at Mumbai! The answer came from Police uncle. 

But Zizu police uncle added "tell me how could you write the address that two with red paint."

Zizu smiled and said ' while they knocked me out they put me down on the floor and did not tie me up, probably thought I wont come to sense that early. But I came to sense quite early and heard them about cleaning the place before police come searching and hide for the time being at the Bankim Ghosh Lane joint  . I found a paper they threw after eating the potato fries and as the corner was dark I wrote the address with my little finger and Police Uncle it was not red paint , it was blood which was coming out from the wound at the back of my head."

There was a stunned silence in the room . Police uncle spoke first 'Bravo boy, here is a token appreciation from my part' and to Zizu's delight presented him with a black and white world cup football replica with the name Zedane painted boldly on it.

But beta you should not have been so careless and ventured out alone at night something more harmful could have befallen you, said ZiZu's aunty.

But nothing had happened to our hero Zizu, cried the gang together
"Welcome to the club of young brave hearts Zizu, hip hip hurray! 

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