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Friday, August 5, 2011

And there were you

I saw your form silhouetted against the sky,
Your eyes smiling or angry, I could not guess,
Awe and fear held me back and
I did not try to reach out,
As I knew it would be in vain.

Slow and deliberate were your stride,
Into the morning glory
Like a golden ray you vanished in the brightness all round,
Never looking back, never giving me a thought;
Morning rolled into a day full of light
With the sun burning high
Giving all his light and strength
And to be true I did not miss you;

From nowhere clouds kept coming
Dark and heavy, looming ominous
Over my sky, driving away the sun and fun,
Threatening lightenings piercing the
Night sky flashing and thundering into my world.
It was the darkest night when all my days
Took a flight, and I remembered you;

Blind and desperate I stretched out
My hand, only to find you,
Waiting and smiling with your candle.
Where were you I asked with wonder
Like a fool ;
But you smiled some more and touched my heart;
You were gone and I stood amidst the tempest,
A brave one, for I knew that is what you
Asked me to do.

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